Amazon Local - How to redeem your HelloFresh Voucher & FAQ

Thanks for visiting from Amazon Local! You are now very close to getting your fantastic deal on our delicious cook-at-home meals!


How To Redeem Your Amazon Local Voucher

  • Click on the button to enter the HelloFresh Online Store
  • Add the product that corresponds with your purchased voucher to the cart - select the correct number of meals and people that you bought your Amazon Local voucher for.
  • Click on "Proceed"
  • Enter your zip code - you must live within our delivery area to be able to receive HelloFresh
  • Enter your delivery details, credit card details, and select your preferred start date
  • Don't forget to enter your Amazon Local coupon- be sure to click on the grey pencil next to "Coupon" at Checkout and enter your code. Click OK and ensure that the discount has been applied.
  • Read & accept the Terms & Conditions
  • Voila! You will be eating like a King or Queen in no time!


  • How does HelloFresh work?
  • HelloFresh is a subscription service. Every week we supply amazing recipes and all the fresh ingredients you need to prepare them. We take care of your meal planning AND do the grocery shopping for you.

  • When do you deliver?
  • Depending on where you live, we deliver on Wednesday or Thursday. Once you entered your zip code, the system will tell you on what day you get your box. We can’t give you the exact time that your box will be delivered so please make sure you provide delivery hints for us in case you’re not at home to receive your box.

  • Why do I have to enter my credit card details on the HelloFresh website?
  • As part of the Amazon Local Terms & Conditions you agreed to pay a $1 subscription activation fee. Don't worry, we're not making any money from this and all of these fees will be donated to charity. We need your credit card details to add you to our delivery database. Your card details will remain secure and will only be used by us if you continue your subscription with us.

  • Do I have a minimum time for the subscription?
  • No. You can cancel at any time after you've received your first delivery! You need to let us know by midnight Thursday if you do not require a delivery the following week by sending an email to us on You must let us know by this time because we commit to order quantities with our suppliers for the following week.

  • Why isn't my voucher working?
  • There could be several reasons. Please make sure you live in our Delivery Area, that the product you have selected corresponds with the voucher you bought, that the voucher has not already been used, and that the claim period for the voucher has not ended