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HelloFresh vs. the Grocery Store

At HelloFresh, we aim to provide more for less by delivering you fresh, high-quality ingredients directly from our independent suppliers. When shopping at the grocery store, you end up purchasing excess food that you don’t need.

All of our ingredients are pre-measured, meaning you don’t pay for food you don't use! The proof is in the pudding (pun intended), so we’ve compared our two-person HelloFresh box with the cost of getting the same ingredients delivered for each dish from leading supermarket chains.

Here are the results:

HelloFresh value comparison

Based on an actual HelloFresh box sent in 2013:

HelloFresh value comparison

How can we supply fresh, high-quality ingredients in your HelloFresh box for less each week?

1. Straight from the Source – By dealing with our suppliers directly we are able to cut out the middleman and build long-term, sustainable relationships - giving you better, fresher produce for your money.

2. Trust and loyalty – We give our trusted suppliers a significant and dependable order each week - in return, they give you the very best rates for their fresh produce.

3. All of our ingredients are pre-measured – We only send you what you need, meaning there is no waste, and you do not pay for ingredients that you are unlikely to use again.

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