Factor_Warehouse Supervisor (1st Shift)

Lake Zurich, IL

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As you may have read in the news …..

“HelloFresh Acquires Ready-to-Eat Meal Company Factor75, Inc.”

  • The acquisition marks the next step in HelloFresh’s growth plan in the US to strengthen its leading position and to expand its total addressable market
  • Both companies will benefit from their combined resources, operational excellence and data-driven approach

We are extremely excited by this news as we add to the range of products available to our customers.

What is Factor? 

We believe that health and wellness starts with food and what you put into your body. Our goal is to help our customers achieve their health and wellness goals. We focus on being physically fit and healthy with nutritious, purposeful eating. We want to help real people achieve real results without sacrificing time and energy trying to sort through the overwhelming amount of information. 

We use the freshest, highest quality ingredients available, and our in-house culinary team is constantly working to optimize the nutritional value of every single meal. Meals arrive fresh and are fully prepared- simply heat in the microwave or oven and enjoy! 

Job Description: 

You will ...

  •   Oversee the strategic operations within the functional areas of receiving, shipping, storage / distribution of goods, and logistics.
  •   Direct activities and provide coaching and guidance to associates, leads, and supervisors. 
  •   Work alongside and with the team, providing guidance as needed to ensure maximum productivity. 
  •   Work with senior Management to complete the given directives of the Company. 
  •   Responsible for ensuring compliance with all safety, GMP and SQF policies/procedures, as well as adherence to PPE/hygiene policies. 
  •   This managerial position is expected to cultivate a culture in line with Hello Fresh’s core values.
  •    Ensure a high level of internal and external customer service. Investigate (and correct) customer issues and complaints.
  •    Manages the department engaged in essential warehouse functions (receiving, shipping, and   distribution) to ensure high productivity and high technical integrity.
  •     Performing internal audits.
  •     Coordinate objectives with production procedures in cooperation with other plant managers to maximize product reliability and         minimize costs.
  •     Create and implement processes and procedures.
  •     Relay quality philosophy to all warehouse personnel.
  •     Maintain active role on internal continuous improvement teams.
  •     Design, develop and implement warehousing training programs based on quarterly performance reviews
  •     Interact with procurement to ensure adequate supply of all inventory and ingredients.
  •     Addressing nonconformities from previous internal and external audits.
  •     Conducting a management review of the warehouse essential functions.
  •     Following-up on and closing pending preventive and corrective action requests.
  •     Ensuring that documentation and design controls are appropriate for organization.
  •     Assisting the management team and provide support as necessary.
  •     Provide all employees with necessary tools, proper training and corrective direction.

You are...

  •       A Leader: train and develop a large group of employees    
  •       Performance Manager of warehouse employees
  •       Problem Solver/Analytical    
  •       Detailed Oriented and Results Driven
  •       Communicator: speak to employees with tact and diplomacy     
  •       Time Manager: tracking/monitoring production and maintaining productivity
  •       Technical: computer literacy to input information into the computer
  •       Able to take direction and relay information to employees

At a minimum, you have...

  •       Associate’s degree or related management work experience.
  •       At least 5 years of work experience in warehouse management, should be combined with a demonstrated track-record of accomplishments as a manager, and with satisfying customers in technology-driven, developing companies.


It is the policy of HelloFresh not to discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, marital status, genetic information, disability, because they are a protected veteran, or any other protected classification under federal, state, or local law.

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