HelloFresh Subscriptions

Will I be locked into a contract?
No way! We offer a flexible plan where you are in charge. You can change or pause whenever you want. Just let us know by 11:59PM PST 5 days prior to your scheduled delivery day so we can alert our suppliers.
Is there a minimum time commitment?
No, HelloFresh is as flexible as your lifestyle. You can pause or cancel your account at any time up until 5 days before your next delivery is scheduled to arrive.
How do I deactivate my subscription?
Deactivating your subscription is easy. Simply log in to your account and follow these steps:
  • 1. Click on your name in the upper right-hand corner and choose Settings
  • 2. Scroll down and click on the Cancel my subscription link on the lower right-hand side
  • 3. Follow the steps to cancel, including your cancellation reason
  • 4. You will receive an email confirming your cancellation. Please retain this for future reference.
Can I pause my deliveries?
Definitely. If you're traveling or would like to hold your subscription for any reason, simply log in to your account and manage your subscription right there. Or email us at hello@hellofresh.com and we will take care of it for you! Just make sure that you make these changes 5 days prior to your scheduled delivery day by 11:59PM PST.
When will I be charged?
Once you sign up for your first HelloFresh box you will be charged right away. For all subsequent deliveries, you will be charged the day after the respective order was placed.

Our Plans

Can I choose my meals?
Yes! If you sign up for our Classic Plan, you can choose 3, 4, or 5 recipes for two people each week, or 3 recipes for four people. You can make your meal choice after you go through the sign up process. This way you know what you'll be cooking and can plan ahead for your other meals! Choose your meals by logging on to your account page page and clicking on the "Meal Choice" tab. You will then see 5 options for this upcoming week. If you like the 3 highlighted, nothing more needs to be done. If you'd like to switch one meal for another, uncheck the meal, and then select whichever you'd prefer. The changes will save automatically. Unfortunately, we cannot yet offer choice for our Family and Veggie Plans, but we're working on it!
Do your offer vegetarian plans?
Yes! We offer a Veggie Plan which includes 3 tasty vegetarian meals per week.
Do you offer plans for people with special dietary requirements?
3-meal Classic Box subscribers can customize their box by selecting from 7 different menu preferences, including pork free, seafood free, and beef free. Although we don't accommodate specific allergies, we do ship our ingredients in separate packets. If you have any dislikes or allergies, simply omit or replace these ingredients. We also feature a full ingredient list and nutritional breakdown on the website to make the meal choice process as seamless as possible. You can learn more about the suppliers we use here.
Do you offer plans for singles?
Our entry level subscription feeds 2 people. We have many single-person households as customers who chose the 3-meal plan for 2 people, and gain eternal popularity with their friends or have amazing leftovers for lunch!


How do I purchase a gift card?
Click Gift Cards at the top of the page. Then, choose whether you’d like to gift a Classic, Veggie, or Family Plan. From there, just follow the prompts to checkout!
Why am I asked to enter a shipping address?
We want to make sure that the person receiving the gift card is in our delivery area. We'd hate for you to buy a gift for someone you love, just to find out they can't receive a box!
Can I purchase more than one?
Absolutely! In order to purchase more than one gift card at a time, you must add each gift card for each product separately. You can pay for multiple gift cards at once at the end of the checkout process.
When will the person I am sending a gift card to receive the gift card?
Your gift card recipient will receive an email on the day you specify to send the gift card. This email will contain instructions on how to redeem the gift card.
Do gift card purchases result in the creation of a subscription?
No, gift card purchases are one-off transactions. Purchasing a gift card does not create a subscription for the sender nor the recipient and no further charges will apply.
Will I receive an email confirmation for my gift card purchase(s)?
Yes, you will receive an email confirmation for your gift card purchase. This email will also include a printable gift card you can download and give to the recipient, if you prefer to give a physical gift card.
I received a gift card, now what?
Follow the instructions in the the email notification regarding your gift card. Alternatively, start by clicking Gift Cards and click "Redeem Gift." Follow the prompts to redeem your one-off gift.


Where do you deliver?
We deliver across the continental USA! Check out our delivery area map to learn more.
When do you deliver?
We deliver Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday for all customers, as well as Saturday, Monday, Tuesday and Sunday in specific areas. Deliveries typically arrive between 8am-8pm.
What if I am not at home to accept the delivery?
No problem! We’ll drop the box at your door (or wherever you specify in your Delivery Instructions), so it’ll be waiting for you when you get home. No signatures necessary.

If you live in an area where a box could not easily be left, we suggest one of the following solutions:
  • Provide the address of a helpful neighbor that will be home during the delivery window and can accept your package for you.
  • Have the box delivered to your work place.
  • Have the box delivered to a nearby business or restaurant that won't mind you picking up the box at a later time that day.
How does the food stay fresh in transit?
We have specially designed boxes with isolating wool, ice packs, and cooling material to ensure that everything arrives perfectly cold.
How much does delivery cost?
It’s free! You subscribe and delivery is on us!


Will my groceries stay fresh for the week?
Yes! Our recipes are created using ingredients that stay fresh long enough for you to enjoy them during the week of delivery. However, there are some ingredients that need to be used sooner rather than later (such as fish). In those cases, we suggest you prepare them at the beginning of the week.
Where do you get your recipes?
HelloFresh works closely on recipe development with a team of in-house chefs who've graduated from the Institute of Culinary Education and other esteemed Culinary Schools. Our in-house dietitian Rebecca reviews each recipe, ensuring you get a balanced meal on the table! HelloFresh works closely on recipe development with Freida, Nate, and Jessica (our expert in-house chefs) as well as Rebecca and Sarah (our in-house dietitians).
What do the recipe difficulty levels mean?
Level 1 recipes are all about simplicity and familiarity. They involve little multi-tasking and may require only 1-2 pots and pans.
Example: Honey-and-Ginger-Glazed Chicken with Snap Peas and Jasmine Rice
Level 2 recipes involve a bit more multi-tasking and concentration. They encourage you to experiment with different ingredients and cooking techniques.
Example: Vietnamese-Marinated Steak with Herb Salad, Quick Pickled Veggies, and Jasmine Rice
Level 3 recipes take it up a notch with the most amount of multitasking and a wide variety of adventurous ingredients and cooking techniques that are still totally doable.
Example: Spring Asparagus and Shrimp Risotto with Meyer Lemon
Why is HelloFresh a healthy option?
Cooking with fresh ingredients helps you stay healthy and beats any type of convenience, frozen, or fast food. Plus, we’ve got a dedicated team of chefs and dietitians creating recipes on a weekly basis to ensure that your dinners are balanced and wholesome.
How many calories do your meals have?
Our meals contain anywhere from 500-800 calories, and all nutritional information can be found on the website.
Which ingredients do you assume I have at home?
Stock your pantry with salt, pepper, sugar, oil, and butter. We’ll take care of the rest!