Meet Our Suppliers

Here at HelloFresh, we provide our customers with fresh, high-quality ingredients sourced from some of the finest purveyors in the country. We work with some of the finest purveyors in country – here are a few we’re particularly proud to work with:

Growers Express

Growers Express is located in the heart of California’s fertile Salinas Valley. It was founded in 1987 by eight farmers on a mission to grow high quality produce, ensure a consistent year-round supply, and offer superior customer service. Although almost thirty years have passed, not much has changed in the way of values. Today, Growers Express is one of the largest produce suppliers in the nation, cultivating over 40,000 acres of premium lettuce, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, and other fresh vegetables.

As featured in the Butternut and Brussels Sprout Risotto

Del Rey Avocado

Del Rey Avocado is a family owned and operated farm near the San Luis Rey River in San Diego County. Dating back to 1969, the multi-generational business is currently run by Bob Siemer (aka Avocado Bob) and his daughter, Jessica. Thanks to the warm California sunshine and cool ocean breeze, their creamy Hass avocados are kept from maturing too quickly. After all, the longer an avocado remains on the tree, the more intense its flavor will be.

As featured in the Plantain and Black Bean Tostadas

HelloFresh Our Suppliers Mushrooms

To-Jo Mushrooms

For 4 generations the D'Amico family has grown mushrooms in Southeastern, Pennsylvania. The family business began with a small mushroom farm and 77 years later To-Jo remains family-owned and operated, offering white, brown, specialty, wild, and dried mushrooms.

As featured in the Orecchiette with Brussels Sprouts and Wild Mushrooms

HelloFresh Our Suppliers Chicken

Murray's Chicken

Murray Bresky has been waking up with the chickens as long as he can remember. By 1993, Murray’s love for chickens was matched only by that for his growing family. Concern over the food his children and grandchildren were eating motivated him to start Murray’s Chickens. Raised without the use of antibiotics, growth drugs or hormones, Murray’s Chickens have plenty of room to stretch their wings and access to fresh air and sunlight.

As featured in the Roasted Chicken Salad with Pears and Walnuts

HelloFresh LoveBeets

Love Beets

Love Beets is a true labor of love from husband and wife team, Guy and Katherine Shropshire. The Shropshire family, known for growing salad vegetables in England, decided to purchase a small beet factory with the hopes of sharing a family favorite with others. They knew they wanted to find a way to attract younger people to beets, so the family got to work experimenting with unique marinated beet recipes.

As featured in the Fall Pasta Primavera