Mexican recipes

Satisfy your hunger for Mexican with these deliciously easy recipes.
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with Guacamole, Pickled Onion & Lime Sour Cream
40 minutes710 kcal
Hall Of Fameplus Poblano, Lime Crema & Pico de Gallo
30 minutes980 kcal
with Salsa Fresca, Southwest Crema & Guacamole
30 minutes590 kcal
with Salsa Fresca & Lime Sour Cream
20 minutes660 kcal
with Rice, Sour Cream & Lime
10 minutes680 kcal
with Salsa Fresca & Lime Crema
35 minutes640 kcal
with Monterey Jack & Cilantro Lime Slaw
20 minutes910 kcal
Hall Of Famewith Salsa Fresca & Lime Crema
30 minutes780 kcal
Hall Of Famewith Pepper Jack, Pickled Jalapeño & Lime Sour Cream
35 minutes870 kcal
with Pico de Gallo & Crema
40 minutes950 kcal
Hall Of Famewith Guacamole & Pico de Gallo
30 minutes970 kcal
with Pico de Gallo & Smoky Red Pepper Crema
40 minutes830 kcal
with Long Green Pepper, Cilantro, Pico de Gallo & Lime Crema
40 minutes890 kcal
sprinkled with Mexican Cheese
10 minutes660 kcal
with Pico de Gallo, Creamy Guacamole & Hot Sauce
30 minutes1040 kcal
& Buttery Black Beans over Rice
30 minutes930 kcal
with Monterey Jack, Pico de Gallo, Cilantro Lime Rice & Guacamole
40 minutes870 kcal
with Southwest Crema & Radish Tomato Salsa
35 minutes760 kcal
with Salsa Mexicana & Spiced Crema
35 minutes780 kcal
with Scallion Rice & Pepper Jack
25 minutes890 kcal
with Pickled Onion & Monterey Jack Cheese
35 minutes870 kcal
with Smoky Red Pepper Crema
15 minutes670 kcal
with Black Beans, Fresh Salsa & Smoky Red Pepper Lime Crema
35 minutes740 kcal
Hall Of Famewith Poblano Pepper, Black Beans & Monterey Jack
35 minutes800 kcal
with Smoky Red Pepper Crema
20 minutes770 kcal
with Corn Esquites & Cilantro
25 minutes900 kcal
with Charred Poblano, Smoky Crema, Salsa Fresca & Cilantro-Lime Rice
25 minutes580 kcal
with Poblano, Smoky Red Pepper Crema & Pickled Onion
35 minutes620 kcal
with Poblano & Smoky Red Pepper Crema
15 minutes880 kcal
with Chili Lime Crema
35 minutes960 kcal