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customize your plan

Pick a plan that fits your lifestyle

When signing up, pick a plan depending on your dietary preferences, schedule and household size. We'll deliver your HelloFresh box to your doorstep at a time and day of your choosing (Mon-Sat), free of charge. And, you are always in control, as you can pause, modify or cancel your subscription anytime.

How do I create a plan?
Choose based on your diet

We offer 3 plans: classic, veggie and family. Our classic plan features the largest variety of weekly recipes. Our veggie plan is curated for vegetarian diets and family plan features recipes that will keep even the youngest picky eaters happy.

Select size and frequency

Each plan offers different options to fit your schedule and household size. Choose how many people you want to cook for (2 to 4 people) and how many nights a week you want to cook (2 to 5 meals per week).

meal swap

Select from variety of weekly recipes

Whether you are a vegetarian, on a low-calorie diet or looking for something quick and easy, HelloFresh has recipes that you will love. Our dedicated team of chefs works alongside our dietitian to create 10 new recipes each week. We select your meals based on your preferences, but also give you the flexibility to select meals from your weekly menu.

How does meal selection work?
Menu preferences

Our 3-meal classic plan offers 7 different menu preferences to choose from. You set it up once you log into your account, so you can leave it up to us to select the meals we think you will like.

Weekly meal selection

Our classic plan allows you to choose any combination of meals from the menu on a weekly basis, in case you want to change what we've selected for you.

customize your plan

Get quality ingredients at your doorstep

We source ingredients directly from independent producers to deliver you nothing but fresh, top-quality products. And, you don't need to be home to accept a delivery. Our boxes are layered with an isolating wool and ice packs to keep ingredients farm fresh and cool until you get home.

What is in a HelloFresh box?
Simple recipe cards

Each meal is accompanied by a recipe card featuring step-by-step instructions, an ingredient list and nutritional information to guide you.

Ingredients packed with care

We pre-portion and pack all the ingredients for each meal in individual kits, so you don't have to worry about sorting them out yourself.

Cooling material

All your meats and dairy is wrapped with special wool and cooling material to keep them fresh until you get home during delivery day.

access anywhere

Access your account anywhere

You can manage your weekly menu, pause your deliveries or modify your HelloFresh plan anywhere you go. Either from your computer or with our native iOS and Android apps, you can access your account on any device

How can I pause, modify or cancel my plan?
Pause/unpause weekly

You can pause or unpause upcoming deliveries up to 5 days in advance. Just log into your account and click pause/unpause or any week you want.

Modify or cancel plan

Easily switch between plans or cancel your plan completely from your account settings area. Your HelloFresh plan changes as your needs do

customer care

Our customer care team is here for you

In case you have questions or comments, our customer care is always happy to help. Check out our FAQs or call, email and chat with one of us directly. 1-800-733-2414

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