You’re Better Than Take-Out


To celebrate the expansion of HelloFresh delivery nationwide, we want to free you from take-out! Simply save your take-out receipts from major fast food franchises, and we’ll reimburse you for credit towards your first HelloFresh box – up to $50! Join us in our mission to make dinnertime simple, healthy, and delicious.


Convenient and Easy

Tired of wasting time at the grocery store? On average, we spend 90 minutes on weekly grocery shopping – we want to give you more time to spend with your children, family, friends, and that book you haven’t been able to finish! We do it all for you; from creating the recipes and planning the meals, to grocery shopping and even delivering all of the pre-measured ingredients right to your door!

HelloFresh Convenient and Easy

Fresh ingredients

At HelloFresh we only use fresh, straight-from-the-farm ingredients of the best quality! We have no artificial preservatives or "mystery meats" that can be hidden in your take-out meals.


Rebecca Washa "There is a disconnect between how America eats vs. real food and cooking. Fewer Americans are cooking at home; we’ve lost our cooking skills and have a heavy reliance on fast food. I believe that cooking is one of the most important ways a person can take control of their diet and health, and I have a passion for helping people get back into the kitchen. HelloFresh strives to provide real food; lots of fruits, vegetables, lean meats and whole grains. We ensure the quality and nutrition of ingredients and recipes to bring cooking back to what it is supposed to be – a simple, fun, and healthy part of the everyday routine."

Rebecca Washa, HelloFresh’s In-House Registered Dietician

HelloFresh Nutrition

Based on the nutrition values of a Bacon Cheeseburger with Large Fries and an average HelloFresh dish.

How to sign up?

Simply enter your contact information and the details from your takeout receipt – we’ll get back to you with a coupon code to use towards your HelloFresh delivery!

Participants of the promotion are eligible to redeem up to $50 towards their first HelloFresh subscription, and have until December 31st, 2014 to use their credits. Only new subscribers can participate.

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