Frequently Asked Questions


How Do I Leave Recipe Feedback?

If you have recipe surveys authorized in your notifications settings, you will receive a weekly survey to review your meals.

Alternatively, you may also review recipes by selecting 'Past Recipes' at the top of the page

-Find the recipe you would like to review -Below the picture of the meal, select the 1-4 star rating

  • A small pop up will open where you can adjust your rating and leave feedback about the recipe
  • Once done click 'Send Feedback'

What do the tags on the recipes mean?

Our Classic Plan offers 40 delicious recipes to choose from weekly. To help you with your decision, our chefs have categorized some of our more popular recipes.

  • Hall of Fame: Most popular recipes amongst customers

  • New: Brand-new recipes that appear on menu for the first time

  • Calorie Smart / Fit & Wholesome: Recipes around 650 calories per serving

  • Carb Smart: Recipes around 40 grams of net carbs per serving

  • Quick: Recipes that take 20 minutes or less

  • Easy Cleanup: Recipes that can be cooked in one pot, pan, baking sheet, or baking dish

  • Easy Prep: Recipes with prep time equal to or less than 5 minutes

  • Seasonal Faves: Recipes that highlight current seasonal ingredients and flavors

  • Premium Picks: Top-of-the-line recipes with higher quality ingredients (incurs a surcharge)

  • Winter Warmers, Spring Selects, Cookout Collection, Taste of Summer: Limited-Time-Offering series (incurs a surcharge)

  • Spicy: Meals include a red pepper icon identifying it's spicy and packs a punch

  • Veggie: Meatless meals that focus on plant- based ingredients

  • Vegan: Meatless meals that exclude dairy and any additional animal products

  • Mediterranean: Mediterranean and Greek dishes that let you indulge guilt-free!

How do I download recipe cards?

Recipe cards for your selected meals will come in your weekly delivery.

You may also download them by accessing the "My Menu" page.

  • Click on "My Menu"
  • Click the picture of the recipe
  • Scroll down to the Instructions and select 'Download"
  • When the recipe opens click the down arrow to download

How are my recipes developed?

HelloFresh's chefs work to plan menus with flavor and seasonality in mind.

We also bring back Hall of Fame recipes rated as favorites by our customers.

What should I do if one of my ingredients is damaged or missing?

This is definitely not acceptable, and we apologize for the inconvenience. Please let us so we can make this right ASAP. You may use this link here to report any damaged or missing ingredients.

*Please be advised that proteins are packaged at the bottom of your box, under the meal kits.

How long will my ingredients stay fresh?

To ensure your ingredients stay at the peak of freshness in which they were packed, we recommend storing all items at refrigerated temperatures. With the exception of seafood, all ingredients should be cooked and consumed within seven days of delivery. Seafood should be cooked and consumed within 2 days of delivery. Do not refreeze ingredients.

Where do you source your meats from?

HelloFresh maintains a rigorous selection process to align with suppliers which meet our core standards. Our suppliers adhere to USDA Inspection Guidelines and are supplemented by globally recognized third-party food safety audit programs.

We personally take an on-site visit to every meat vendor we work with to ensure the operation is food safe.

Our meats are primarily sourced domestically.

Per federal regulations prohibiting the use of hormones in chicken and pork, our suppliers' chicken and pork are hormone free.

Animal welfare and sustainability remain an integral component of our corporate commitment to our customers and the environment. These claims will vary by business. We are dedicated to the continued improvement of our supply chain and the food industry.

Where do you source your fish from?

HelloFresh is committed to buying delicious, sustainably sourced seafood, and therefore we have rigorous sustainability standards.

We currently buy both wild-caught and farm-raised fish. We identify the best option for each species on a case-by-case basis and require traceability (including country of origin, catching area, fishery, catch season, and catching method). This changes depending on the type of fish, time of year, and health of the fish population.

We have joined forces with Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch and strive to only source ocean-friendly seafood rated Best Choice, Good Alternative, or Eco-certified by trusted, independent programs.

Some of the fish species HelloFresh buys have additional sustainability certifications such as MSC (Marine Stewardship Council) for wild-caught and BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices) for farm-raised.

Please note, the Good Chop bundle box offered through the Marketplace follows the same values and standards as seafood sourced for our HelloFresh boxes.

Do you offer Keto/Paleo meals?

While HelloFresh offers a variety of meal preferences, we do not offer a Keto/Paleo meal plan or preference nor any meals specific for these diets. However, our meals may be adjusted at home to meet a customer's dietary needs. We leave it to our customer's discretion to review the recipes each week, to determine whether our meals are appropriate for their dietary needs, and to determine any appropriate actions taken with our meals for their dietary needs.

Do you provide nutrition information for your meals? Where can I find it?

Yes! Here is how to find it:

On Mobile

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Choose 'My Menu'.
  3. Choose the image of the meal that you’d like to learn about. A pop-up window will appear, scroll down to the Nutrition Values section.

Do you offer vegetarian/vegan options?

14 veggie meals (including up to 2 vegan meals) are offered on our menu each week. These recipes contain fresh fruits, vegetables, hearty grains and/or meatless proteins.

With that said, veggie recipes can be made vegan by leaving out certain ingredients (like cheese or yogurt). We leave it to our customers to determine the appropriate actions that best meet their dietary needs.

Veggie/vegan tags appear under each eligible recipe. You can also log into your account and customize your meal plan to the Veggie preference.

Do you offer gluten-free, dairy-free, or nut-free options?

While HelloFresh has a variety of meal choices each week, we do not offer gluten-free or nut-free meals. We leave it to our customers to review the recipes each week and determine which ones best meet their dietary needs. We do offer 2 vegan meals each week that are dairy free. Our selection of 10+ veggie meals can also be made dairy free by omitting items like milk and cheese from the recipe.

Do you offer organic ingredients?

Some, but not all, of our ingredients are organic. The focus of HelloFresh is on helping our customers make those first steps towards cooking well-balanced meals at home. While the majority of our product is not organic, what we do concentrate on is what produce looks and tastes best.

We work with trusted, experienced, and sustainable business partners to ensure high quality, seasonal, and farm-sourced produce is delivered to our customers at peak freshness. Eating organic is certainly one way of eating better; however, the focus with HelloFresh is more on helping customers have a positive cooking experience in the kitchen. We help our customers take the necessary steps to add in more fruits and veggies in their everyday lives.

How can I check allergen information?

We provide allergen information on recipe cards and/or ingredient packaging. We recommend reviewing the ingredients in each recipe before placing your order to ensure our meals meet your needs. We strongly recommend that customers with food allergen sensitivities or restrictions carefully review individual product packages for the most updated information regarding ingredients and allergen declaration before consuming. Additionally, we recommend reviewing the ingredient list on our website, prior to selecting meals, to determine if they contain any ingredients you are unable to consume.

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