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Reduce your food waste with HelloFresh

Reduce your food waste with HelloFresh

Our streamlined supply chain means produce gets to you faster and fresher.


It’s estimated that 40% of the food supply in the U.S. goes to waste because of over-portioning and wasteful distribution. The good news? By skipping the grocery store and using HelloFresh, you just reduced your dinner food waste by at least 25%!* That’s right: the delicious meals you're making isn't the only thing to get excited about!


We make the food system more sustainable because we get food from our farms to your forks faster than grocery stores. Not to mention, that food is pre-portioned, so you’re not overbuying—which is a burden on the planet (and your wallet).
*HelloFresh Global Food Waste Study (The biggest study to directly analyze household food waste, revealing that food waste is largely generated from overbuying ingredients and poor meal planning. On average, our customers reduced their in-home food waste by 21%!) and USDA Report (USDA estimates that 10% of the food supply is wasted in retail and distribution, while HelloFresh wastes less than 1%.)
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