Introducing our HelloFresh Climate Rating


Food production accounts for an estimated 30% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide*, so it’s our responsibility now more than ever to do our part. We source renewable energy for all our facilities and offset the carbon emissions for each delivery, but what about the food itself?

Since producing food contributes to global greenhouse gas emissions, we want to empower you to make an educated choice when selecting your meals. Our aim to be transparent led us to create our HelloFresh Climate Rating.

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We divided each week’s meals into 3 groups using life cycle data** to estimate the greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture and processing. If a meal’s labeled Climate Superstar, it’s among the most carbon-efficient options on the week’s menu. Meals rated Good lie in the center of the spectrum, while those rated Fair rank as the least carbon-efficient.

Our menus vary from week to week, so the number of recipes in each category may change. We encourage you to check out this week’s entire menu to see how different meats, fish, and veggies, impact the carbon efficiency of your meal.

*Crippa et al.

**Original data for food emissions downloaded 09/04/2021 from AGRIBALYSE environmental database on food products, last updated June 2020 by ADEME and INRAE.