Top 10 Hard Recipes

Top 10 Hard Recipes

Sometimes, you just need a challenge in the kitchen. After all, aren't some of the tasties recipes that bring the most complex flavor profiles also the hardest ones to make? To satisfy your craving for these meals, we've gathered our home cooks' most favorited difficult recipes and placed them in this convenient list. Get ready and good luck!
Sometimes, you just need a challenge in the kitchen. After all, aren't some of the tasties recipes that bring the most complex flavor profiles also the hardest ones to make? To satisfy your craving for these meals, we've gathered our home cooks' most favorited difficult recipes and placed them in this convenient list. Get ready and good luck!

Top Hard Recipe #1

Meatloaf à la Mom

Leading the pack of difficult recipes is one that you may wish you had your mom there to help with. After all, isn't meatloaf made by mom the best there is?

With this palate pleaser, we’re off to a pretty strong start. But don’t worry, from glazing your perfectly seasoned mini loaves of beef and roasting the sweet root veggies, to making that delectable thyme gravy, we’ll walk you through every step, so there’s no room to fail. And our home cooks seem to agree — this meatloaf tastes just like home and has earned its first place in our collection of Top 10 Hard Recipes.

Top Hard Recipe #2

Prosciutto-Wrapped Chicken

Just from the name you may get an idea of why this recipe made it into our list of difficult recipes. Once you take your first bite, you'll also realize why it made it into our list of TOP difficult recipes.

This is the perfect recipe if you want to challenge yourself and are looking to impress someone special (including yourself). Instead of serving a plain protein over plain rice, our chefs decided to step it up a notch: Tender chicken breasts wrapped in salty Italian prosciutto on a bed of creamy spinach and tomato risotto. Seasoned with the deep pine-like flavor of fresh sage, you’ll be over the moon after the first bite.

Top Hard Recipe #3

Pork D.I.Y. Dumplings

Unless you're an experienced dumpling wrapper (pun intended), making dumplings can be quite a challenge. Thankfully, our step-by-step instructions will make everything that much easier.

Everything tastes better when it comes in tiny, delicious pouches. And if you agree, you’re obviously a dumpling fan. In this deliciously difficult recipe, we’ll introduce you to the magic of dumpling making by folding tasty little mounts of ginger and soy infused ground pork into pre-cut wonton wrappers. Pan-fried to golden perfection and served with a quick-pickled slaw, take-out will be a thing of the past.

Top Hard Recipe #4

Lemony Shrimp Risotto

Risottos can be a real challenge to make. If you want that creamy goodness to come out just right, you better have some good instructions to follow. As it happens to be...

Ready for our risotto-making masterclass? Join thousands of happy home cooks and learn how to make a creamy, on-point risotto that boasts a range of unexpected flavors like earthy thyme and bright lemon zest. Paired with golden-fried shrimp and oven-roasted zucchini, this dish is the ultimate proof that with our help, hard becomes easy and you can make a sophisticated, restaurant-worthy risotto without losing your cool!

Top Hard Recipe #5

Shrimp and Chorizo Paella

Paella, though difficult to make, is absolutely worth it when you take your first bite. As you'll soon see, this definitely stands true with this top-rated advanced recipe.

Get ready for a little culinary excursion to sunny Spain and indulge in one of its most celebrated national dishes. Dig into a steaming bowl of golden paella and experience the delectable union of saffron and smoked paprika. And since we like being generous, you get double the protein and double the veggies: Perfectly seared shrimp and hearty pork chorizo with tender peas and juicy bits of tomato.

Top Hard Recipe #6

Sweet Heat Shrimp Tempura Bowls

What's better than shrimp? Tempura-battered shrimp that adds that extra crunch you need to really make a dish pop. For this difficult creation, you're pairing it with both sweet and spicy flavors to create a well-rounded taste.

If you’re a connoisseur of all things battered, get ready for a good crunch! Thanks to our tempura mix, you’ll conjure up some super crispy shrimp that go perfectly with our special sweet and savory sauce (think fruity apricot jam, hot Sriracha, and soy). To make a good thing better, we’ve added some fluffy rice, broccoli florets, and a quick-pickled cucumber tartare that cuts through the heat with a zing.

Top Hard Recipe #7

Steak Au Poivre

A French named dish? Must be fancy, not to mention harder to create than the average recipe. With this classic bistro meal, the hard work you put into the cooking process more than pays off in the final taste.

Whether you’re feeling kind of fancy on a weeknight or want to impress your guests during the holidays, this meal will make you feel like a real-deal chef in less than an hour. Steak Au Poivre (or peppered steak) is a French delicacy that gets its name from a creamy peppercorn sauce over tender sirloin steak. In this challenging recipe, you’ll be adding crispy Swedish-style baked potatoes and creamed kale.

Top Hard Recipe #8

Ultra-Creamy Risotto

Another risotto? Mhmm, and it's not the last either! Our home cooks just love a challenge in the kitchen, and risottos are some of the tastiest you can come across.

In the mood for another perfectly cooked risotto? Just kidding, we know that you are. In this version, we’re combining the exquisite flavors of tender roasted artichoke hearts with the earthy notes of button mushrooms and toasted pine nuts. Folded into creamy parmesan rice, this dish is the pinnacle of risottos and should be passed down to your children.

Top Hard Recipe #9

Risotto alla Tex-Mex

Our final risotto recipe that made it into our list of most favorited difficult recipes is one that will have you craving more fusion dishes. In this one, Italy meets both the US and Mexico in a flavor explosion.

Once you get the hang of cooking risotto, you’ll be able to make it in your sleep. But don’t get too comfortable! Because with our creative combinations, we’ll keep you inspired and on your toes. This surprising meal combines the rich and creamy texture of risotto with the bold flavors of Tex-Mex cuisine — we’re talking corn, bell pepper, jalapeño, and melty Monterey Jack cheese.

Top Hard Recipe #10

Shrimp Gyozas

We've finally arrived at the final meal in our list of the top difficult recipes. Like the pork dumplings from earlier, the hard part here comes from getting the wonton wrapper to fold just right so everything stays together in the middle.

Did you know that dumplings taste sooo much better when you fold them yourself? In this advanced recipe, the pre-cut wonton wrappers are ready when you are. All you have to do is make the filling by combining chopped shrimp and scallions with aromatic ginger and garlic. Build and seal your gyozas, give them a perfect golden sear in a sizzling hot pan, and serve with a crunchy edamame succotash and soy sauce.

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