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Top 10 Mexican Recipes

Looking to up your Mexican food game? We've got you covered! Grab your hot sauce because we compiled a list of our Top 10 Mexican Recipes as rated by our (very satisfied) home cooks. Whether you're in the mood for tacos or quesadillas, all of the recipes in this Top 10 list are certified delicious and will certainly make their way into your list of favorite Mexican recipes.


Top Mexican Recipe #1

Chicken Pineapple Quesadillas

Our home cooks seem to love a good sweet-and-savory combo. If you feel the same way, you’ll be all over this super simple and calorie smart top Mexican recipe. Southwestern-spiced chicken strips, a perfectly charred tangle of veggies, fresh salsa, and two types of cheeses make for some really tasty quesadillas. And, as promised, we’ve added some lightly browned pineapple for a hint of sweet in the savory.

Top Mexican Recipe #2

Chicken Cheddar Fajitas

Whether you’re craving an ultra-satisfying weeknight dinner or want to impress your hungry friends on a Saturday, this fajita recipe won’t let you down. From classic toppings like seared chicken strips, charred bell pepper, and onion, to shredded cheddar cheese, quick-pickled jalapeño, and tangy lime crema, we’re successfully delivering all the comforting Tex-Mex flavors on a soft, warm tortilla.

Top Mexican Recipe #3

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tacos

This taco recipe will delight all vegetarian eaters and convert critical carnivores one delicious bite at a time. Instead of meat, our chefs opted for a delicious sweet potato and black bean medley sautéed in an aromatic blend of honey and cumin. Combined with some zesty avocado crema and topped with some fresh cilantro, these tacos are a true fiesta for your tastebuds and pack a nutritional punch.

Top Mexican Recipe #4

Salsa Verde Chicken Enchiladas

If you love a good burrito and a good casserole, then this enchilada bake will become your go-to comfort meal. All you have to do is make little tortilla bundles of Southwestern-spiced chicken strips, charred veggies, and a spicy salsa, place them in a baking dish and cover the whole thing with our tasty Mexican cheese blend. Once browned and bubbly, drizzle on some crema and dig in!

Top Mexican Recipe #5

Sirloin Carne Asada Tacos

It’s hard to believe, but this flavor-packed palate pleaser doesn’t take much longer than 25 minutes of your time and won’t even make a dent in your calorie budget. Seared steak strips meet charred pepper and onion, fresh tomato-shallot salsa, and a Southwest-spiced crema in a warm tortilla. Sprinkle on some cilantro and lime and you got yourself a flavor fiesta without the guilt!

Top Mexican Recipe #6

Mexican Chicken and Rice Bowl

Do you know what’s so great about bowl-style dinners? They’re super easy to customize and let you pile on layers and layers of your favorite flavors. In this top-rated Mexican recipe, we offer fluffy turmeric rice, Southwestern-spiced chicken strips, charred green pepper, a zesty tomato-scallion salsa, crema fresca, and, of course, hot sauce! Neatly piled or all mixed together, your bowl, your rules!

Top Mexican Recipe #7

One-Pot Tortilla Soup

Kick off your shoes and relax, because it’s soup time! But this isn’t your ordinary veggie soup. This one-pot wonder features your favorite Mexican flavors (think beans, avocado, corn, pepper, tomato, jalapeño, and cheese), including crunchy bits of real tortilla chips. We know, sounds too good to be true, but once you take your first bite, you’ll understand why this Mexican classic has been around for a while.

Top Mexican Recipe #8

Skillet Turkey Enchiladas

In this recipe, our chefs have successfully uncovered the untapped potential of ground turkey. As a welcome change from beef, it serves as a hearty protein in these chipotle-spiced enchiladas. Just mix with sautéed poblano pepper, fold into tortillas, coat with that rich tomato sauce and Mozzarella cheese, and bake until hot and melty. Topped with a fresh radish salad, this dish will make you see turkey in a whole new light.

Top Mexican Recipe #9

Smothered Chicken Enchiladas

We present another 20-minute meal that satisfies your cravings for savory bites of tasty pan-seared meat, melty cheese, charred veggies, rich tomato sauce, and warm tortillas. Yup, we’re talking about enchiladas, also known as sauce-drenched and deliciously stuffed burritos baked to absolute perfection. Chances are you’ll never want to eat your burritos any other way.

Top Mexican Recipe #10

Baja Chicken Quesadillas

Congrats, you found the ideal meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner – because if you’re like us, you could eat quesadillas at any time of day! This recipe is as easy as it is delicious. All you have to do is pan-sear the spiced chicken strips and place them on a tortilla covered in shredded cheese. Just fold, bake until golden brown, and serve with salsa fresca and feisty lime crema.

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