Top 10 Spanish Recipes

Top 10 Spanish Recipes

Our Spanish recipes are exactly what you need if you're craving tapas and other tasty meals hailing from the Iberian Peninsula. From Spanish paella to sizzling chorizo sandwiches, this collection of top Spanish recipes will get your mouth watering from the very first whiff — enjoy!
Our Spanish recipes are exactly what you need if you're craving tapas and other tasty meals hailing from the Iberian Peninsula. From Spanish paella to sizzling chorizo sandwiches, this collection of top Spanish recipes will get your mouth watering from the very first whiff — enjoy!

Top Spanish Recipe #1

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tacos

Let's start our list of top Spanish recipes with a true veggie powerhouse that brings as much flavor as you can get from a taco. With a myriad of flavors that complement each other perfectly well, this meatless taco will have you celebrating "Meatless Monday" year-round.

Our home cooks can’t get enough of these nutrition-packed beauties, and we don’t blame them. Instead of taco meat, our chefs opted for a delicious sweet potato and bean combo sautéed in a fragrant blend of honey and cumin. Combined with avocado and topped with fresh cilantro and a zesty crema that cuts through the richness, you’ll be in taco heaven after your first bite.

Top Spanish Recipe #2

Spanish One-Pan Chicken

Second on our list is a one-pan dish that's as tasty as it is easy to make. With a couple of strategically chosen ingredients, you'll have a delectable Spanish dinner on your plate in no time.

Double the protein, double the fun! This Spanish recipe is a nod to paella using easy equipment (yup, you only need one pan) and simple ingredients like chorizo and bell pepper to infuse the rice with rich smoky flavors. And if that wasn’t already a feast on its own, we added golden-seared chicken breasts drizzled with lemon and sprinkled with fresh parsley. ¡Buen provecho!

Top Spanish Recipe #3

Shrimp and Chorizo Paella

A true classic, this paella recipe will satisfy your craving for Spanish food and then some. Even better, by bringing together a medley of veggies and proteins, you'll soon realize what true deliciousness can taste like.

This top-rated Spanish recipe has it all and then some. We’re talking seafood, meat, veggies, rice, aioli, and the flavors of smoked paprika spice. If you’ve never tried paella before, grab your best skillet and join the taste tour. Charred bell pepper and crispy chorizo join plump golden-fried shrimp and tender peas in a cloud of fragrant turmeric rice. Drizzle some homemade garlic aioli on top and enjoy the feast.

Top Spanish Recipe #4

Patatas Bravas and Crispy Artichokes

French fries? No, thanks. All Spanish food lovers know that the way to truly elevate potatoes is by turning them into patatas bravas. As it happens to be, this top-rated Spanish recipe will do just that.

If you love a good potato dish, you’ll be delighted by the Spanish version of “fries and dip.” In fact, you might even prefer it and become a total food snob. But the crispy-fried potato cubes with aioli are not the only stars of this plate. We also added some just-as-crispy artichokes, juicy grape tomatoes, green olives, and arugula. Oh, and did we mention the soft crumbles of feta cheese?

Top Spanish Recipe #5

Spanish Steak Salad

Why have a simple salad when you can have a steak salad instead? With this crowd-pleasing steak salad that comes with a Spanish twist, you'll enjoy the best of both veggie and meat worlds.

This top-rated recipe wins lunch and dinner. Rosemary-garlic is roasted in the oven before it becomes the backbone of a beautiful vinaigrette. Together with red bell pepper, fresh greens, and crumbled goat cheese, and you got yourself a savory salad that makes the perfect bed for the pan-seared steak strips. Served with slices of a fresh baguette, there’s not much more you could want.

Top Spanish Recipe #6

Crispy Chicken Legs with Scallion Chimichurri

If you're intimidated by the thought of cooking a chicken leg, rest assured knowing that this recipe makes it oh so easy while delivering a world of flavor in every bite.

When it comes to dinner, you can never go wrong with chicken, especially when it’s pan-seared to golden perfection. In this top-rated Spanish recipe, we’re combining Southwest-spiced chicken legs with a bright chimichurri and creamy black beans cooked in the juice of a sweet Roma tomato. And with a bit of lime zest even the rice gets to feel special. Once everything is plated, add that fresh crema and the delicious deed is done.

Top Spanish Recipe #7

Fajita Chicken Tenders Over Yellow Rice

If the bright yellow rice doesn't grab your attention from the get-go, the smell of charred bell peppers paired with perfectly seasoned chicken will. As soon as you take your first bite, well, you'll know why this recipe is one of our home cooks' favorites.

Are you a fan of fajitas? Just kidding, we know you are. That’s why we’ve come up with our own special fajita spice blend that turns ordinary chicken tenders into a flavorful fiesta. In this recipe, the spicy chicken is placed on a bed of bright turmeric-spiced rice, where you’ll also find sweet little bell peppers that are perfectly charred to add that nice smoky flavor.

Top Spanish Recipe #8

Spanish-Style Spaghetti

Spanish spaghetti? You got that right! This top Spanish recipe will have you rethinking how you eat pasta and seeing it in a whole new light (one that includes shrimp and chorizo, that is).

Pasta isn’t typically associated with Spain even though it is a pretty common staple across the country. Plus, Italy literally isn’t that far off the map. So, we asked paella to step aside to hand the spotlight to this bountiful spaghetti dish featuring juicy shrimp, smoky chorizo, and sweet tomato. And to highlight its Spanish temperament, we’ve also included a healthy amount of chili flakes.

Top Spanish Recipe #9

Quick and Easy Spanish Chicken

When you want something delicious to eat but don't have too much time on your hands, this recipe will be there to help. A combination of spices, bell pepper, and chicken deliver true Spanish flavor in record time.

Our chefs love coming up with quick and easy meals that taste and look like you spent hours on end in the kitchen. And this creation is just another example. Shredded chicken slow cooked in a hot smoked paprika and cumin spiced stock joins sautéed strips of sweet bell pepper on a bed of golden turmeric rice. Garnish with some scallion greens and you are moments away from going “Mmmm...”

Top Spanish Recipe #10

Chorizo, Egg, and Avocado Sandwich

Rounding up our list is a tasty, savory treat that brings with it a trifecta of taste that will have you salivating. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this Spanish sandwich will always leave you with a smile.

Who doesn’t love a savory egg sandwich for breakfast (or really at any time of day)? In this little rendition, our chefs decided to celebrate Spain’s favorite sausage in the most delicious way. Fried until ultra-crispy, the meaty rounds are placed on cheesy brioche buns and joined by a sunny-side up egg and thin slices of avocado. Enjoy with a solid potato hash and you’re off to a great start!

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