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Top 10 Flatbread Recipes

A super thin crust and a symphony of delightful toppings – flatbreads (or should we say the fancy cousin of pizza!?) have conquered the culinary world and the kitchens of our hungry home cooks. Check out our most popular flatbread recipes and get crunching!


Top Flatbread Recipe #1

Zucchini and Tomato Flatbreads

If you’re in a pizza kind of mood but want to keep it light, this top-rated flatbread recipe will do the trick. We’re talking a toasty crust, juicy grape tomatoes, fresh zucchini, creamy lemon ricotta, and sweet, sweet drizzles of honey. And to cut through that delectable richness, we added just the right amount of chili flakes and aromatic basil leaves. By the way, you only need 25 minutes to bring this beauty to life!

Top Flatbread Recipe #2

Pesto Flatbreads (AKA Posh Pizza)

We love fancy without the fuss and so do our home cooks. With this flatbread, you might as well be the star of a cooking competition (and have some extra time to spare). Our Posh Pizza features a light layer of pesto that’s topped with creamy mozzarella, tender baby broccoli, super thin slices of zucchini, and small pieces of sun-dried tomato for additional flavor and zing.

Top Flatbread Recipe #3

Heirloom Tomato Flatbreads

Flatbread and tomatoes are always a winning combo and this Top 10 flatbread list might be the best proof. In this creation, we’re using juicy heirloom grape tomatoes on top of melty mozzarella that cover a delicious spread of pesto. Some walnuts for extra crunch, a whole bunch of fresh arugula leaves dressed up in balsamic and olive oil, and you’re one moment away from going “Mmm.”

Top Flatbread Recipe #4

Yellow Squash Flatbreads

One thing’s for sure – this dish will make you see squash in a whole different light. It not only adds a pleasant freshness to the rich mozzarella, but also creates a beautiful color play with the bright green basil leaves. Combined with scallions, a sprinkle of toasted pine nuts, and drizzles of chili-honey, these yellow squash flatbreads feel like savory-sweet sunshine in your mouth.

Top Flatbread Recipe #5

Beef Taco Flatbreads

Can’t decide between pizza and taco night? Now you don’t have to because we present to you the very best of both worlds! Enjoy a perfectly crispy flatbread loaded with Southwest-spiced beef, sautéed poblano pepper, tomato, jalapeño rings, and our special melty cheese blend. And, of course, we wouldn’t call this a taco flatbread if it didn’t have the freshness of chopped cilantro and a generous drizzle of sour cream.

Top Flatbread Recipe #6

Bacon Apple Breakfast Flatbreads

Creamy ricotta, smoky bacon, balsamic onions, and sweet apple slices on a warm, golden crust – is there a better way to start the day? We don’t think so. Join our happy home cooks and discover a whole new way of enjoying your favorite sweet and savory breakfast flavors. And since breakfast is always a good idea, this meal tastes just as good come lunch or dinner time (we won’t tell anyone).

Top Flatbread Recipe #7

Buffalo Chicken Flatbreads

If you’re running low on time but don’t want to go without a super satisfying dinner, this recipe is your best friend. In a blink of an eye, you’ll be frying up spicy strips of chicken breast and green peppers that make a beautiful pair on crispy flatbreads covered in homemade tomato sauce. Drizzle on some creamy ranch sauce and check the time. Yup, this only took you 20 minutes!

Top Flatbread Recipe #8

Cowboy-Style Chicken Pizzas (Flatbreads)

In the mood for a yee-haw-licious rodeo of flavors? Then hold on tight ‘cause we’re talking sweet and smoky BBQ chicken strips, juicy tomato slices, jalapeño rings, and melty Monterey Jack cheese slathered on super crispy flatbreads. Oh, and did we mention those drizzles of ancho chili crema that tie it all together? We don’t want to scare you, but be prepared to have your boots knocked off!

Top Flatbread Recipe #9

BBQ Ranch Chicken Flatbreads

The beauty about flatbreads is that next to being delicious, they also take a lot less time to bake (owed to their thin crust). So, with this recipe, you’ll find yourself in a win-win cooking situation. And since you can always rely on that chicken on flatbread combo, here’s another tasty spin where the secret lies in our special pre-made BBQ sauce and buttermilk ranch dressing.

Top Flatbread Recipe #10

Chicken Sausage Flatbreads

We see flatbread as a blank canvas that allows you to summon all your favorite flavors onto delicious crispy squares. So why not get creative? For this popular dish, we’re starting with a thin layer of crushed tomatoes and continue with jucy chicken sausage. Pre-roasted zucchini slices add a splash of color and yummy juices while the melted mozzarella makes this dish a complete masterpiece.

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