Veggie Skillet Recipes

Who says meats are a must for skillets? Not us! Whether you follow a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, or simply want a meal with less meat, these veggie skillets will fill you up with tasty goodness.

Tomato & White Bean Skillet Italiano

With Zucchini, Ricotta & Parmesan Croutons

Blue Corn Tortilla Skillet

with Eggs, Black Beans, Lime Crema, Pickled Onion & Pepper Jack

Skillet Refried Black Beans

with Southwest-Spiced Rice, Pico de Gallo, Radishes & Creamy Guac

Cozy Chickpea and Egg Breakfast Skillet

Eggs-In-A-Hole Skillet

with Chickpeas and Swiss Chard

Skillet Chilaquiles

with Adobo Black Beans, Pickled Radish, and Sour Cream

Skillet Seitan Enchiladas

with Poblano and Monterrey Jack

Skillet Cornbread Pie

with Cheddar, Collard Greens, and Jalapeño

Skillet Chilaquiles

with Chipotle, Black Beans & Radishes

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