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Delicious, filling, and versatile, there are many reasons beans, lentils and other protein-rich legumes are a great addition to any diet. Dive into our bean and legume recipe collection and find easy bean recipes, chickpea recipes, lentil recipes and more!

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Why You Can’t Go Wrong with Legumes
Are you looking for comforting recipes with beans, lentils, or other legumes? Then step right in! Our legume recipe collection features a multitude of salads, stews, curries, soups, and burgers that are all based on nature’s little powerhouses. The best part is that, as excellent providers of hearty flavors and protein, legumes are equally loved by vegetarians and omnivores. It’s not surprising that many of our lentil and bean recipes are true crowd-pleasers and have made it into our HelloFresh Hall of Fame. But see for yourself and find a dish that speaks to your taste buds. How about a light Roasted Beet and Lentil Salad for lunch and a Loaded Bean & Veggie Chili with Scallion Rice for dinner? With us, there’s no shortage of delicious lentil, chickpea, and bean dishes that make a wonderful addition to your diet.


Lentil soups were already enjoyed by ancient Greeks who cooked their lentils in salted water, oil, and garlic to create a flavorful, thick broth.
Recipes you'll love!
Recipes you'll love!
Recipes you'll love!

Recipes you'll love!

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